A little about us

SimplyBiotix began just as the name implies: simply.

While working together in the nutritional supplements industry, we would often chat about the importance of health and wellness for us and our families, and finding the right way to take care of ourselves while living a hectic (but wonderful) life.

We realized that even though we worked with nutritional supplements, we didn’t feel that any of these products were intended for us and our lifestyles—where we often overlooked our own health, and struggled to balance work with our personal lives.

But, how could we achieve health and wellness while balancing EVERYTHING else?

And, then it hit us. Why not create supplements to support our way of life? We could make it happen—create the easy “one thing” that we could do to help support our health, plus the health of our families and others like us!

As natural health experts, we knew that a great way to do this would be with probiotics. But not just any probiotics would do, we knew they had to be high quality.

A little about us


It’s important to remember that not all probiotics are created equal. Since probiotic cultures are living, they are extremely fragile—meaning quality probiotic supplements are vital.

That’s why our team of natural health experts at SimplyBiotix chooses to work alongside the industry’s top manufacturers and specialists to ensure you’re receiving superior probiotic products.

We wouldn’t leave our own probiotic supplements to chance, and we don’t expect you to either. For us, developing top quality probiotics was a personal endeavor because we would be taking this ourselves and giving it to our families. When we evaluated everything, it became clear that the science supporting probiotics was so significant that it made it a no-brainer that we seek out the best products science had to offer.

Although the research on probiotics is already overwhelmingly impressive, due to the complex nature of these little guys, we are only just beginning to understand how important they are to our overall health—and we can’t wait to see the future findings!

Since our top priority when developing each SimplyBiotix product is safety and effectiveness, they are sourced with the latest, most innovative delivery systems and probiotic strains to support a variety of digestive, immune, and oral health needs.

And, unlike many probiotics, each SimplyBiotix product is designed for labeled potency meaning you’re REALLY getting what’s on the label when it arrives at your door—and in your body. Plus, none of our products need to be refrigerated!


At SimplyBiotix, we believe it’s important to take care of yourself—especially so you can better take care of your loved ones, whether that’s your kids, spouse, parents, or beloved pet.

But, as young professionals, parents, and humans on the go, we understand that making your health a top priority can be tough. That’s why it’s our mission to help you and your family “take care” with high quality, daily wellness solutions!

And, we believe we can do this with the best probiotic supplements around. Not only does each of our products promote overall wellness, they are easy to take! Plus, we’ll only promote products that we personally take and are willing to give to our own families—because you’re important to us, and we know that your family is counting on you!

SimplyBiotix Team

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Marketing Magician

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E-commerce Jedi & New Mom

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